You are about to sign-up as a Veloton Beta tester.

We like you to answer some questions, so we are able to pick Beta testers in the different test phases, before we do a commercial launch of the Veloton Indoor Cycling platform. We can’t give any promises that you will be picked as Beta tester. We plan to pick testers with different setup, background and wishes, so please state your answers correct and not what you think we like to see. Right now Veloton is working with a VirtuPro Smart bike. If you don’t own a VirtuPro Smart bike it will not disqualify you as a Beta tester, because we are about to connect more Smart home trainers and Smart bikes. Based upon the result of this questionnaire, we will pick trainers in order and phase that gives most sense. There will be no fee or any charge as a Beta tester of Veloton and no compensation as being a Beta tester. You will be using your own equipment as Beta tester.